Migrants Camp Near Highway, Plot to Break Into UK-Bound Trucks

An illegal camp near a highway rest stop in Belgium is growing as migrants gather and scout for UK-bound delivery trucks, according to local media.

The rest stop has been targeted by migrants in the past, but the issue had been temporarily mitigated by the erection of a extra fencing and razor wire.

"Along the E40 in Wetteren, there has been an improvised tent camp for transmigrants for a few days," HLN reports. "Refugees in transit hide there at nightfall and try to climb into trucks headed in the direction of the United Kingdom at night."

The camp is apparently well-known, despite reportedly being located just a few hundred meters from a highway police station.

Local and federal police had allegedly promised to conduct extra sweeps to keep the area secure.

"In the last week we received many complaints about the daily transmigrant flow to the E40 motorway parking lot. But residents are tired of calling the police because there is no response anyway," says municipal councilor Wouter Bracke.

The truck parking area at the rest stop was temporarily closed in September after a migrant was stabbed to death there, HLN reports.

Migrants regularly force entry into vehicles headed to England via ferries and the Eurotunnel.

At another truck stop along E40 near Walshoutem, Belgium, a trucker was recently attacked by a gang of migrants armed with machetes, spears, and rods, as Infowars Europe reported.

The Romanian driver says he was asleep in his vehicle when he heard "rustling" noises coming from his trailer.

When he stepped outside to investigate, a dozen African migrants set upon him with weapons, forcing him to flee back into the cab of his truck while they battered his windows.

A single police patrol reportedly responded to the scene, well after the assailants had escaped.

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