Migrants End Up in Nearby Park After Being ‘Cleared’ Ahead of EU Elections - Report

Belgian officials 'cleared' migrants from a major Brussels transit station, but the relocation may have been politically-motivated ahead of key EU elections, according to local authorities who say it is only a temporary solution.

Brussels-North, one of the city’s busiest transportation hubs, had been overrun by illegal migrants who turned the station and nearby Maximilian Park into de facto 'no-go zones,’ according to local media and officials.

Following last week's highly-publicized removal of migrants from the station, which was touted by Minister of Asylum and Migration Maggie De Block, police are warning that the issue has merely been delayed, as illegal migrants once again repopulated the park nearby, and may be allowed to move back into Brussels-North following EU elections.

"We have been instructed to send away all groups of transmigrants who are still approaching the area," one officer told Het Nieuwsblad. "Just wait until next week, when the votes are counted."

A chief inspector of Brussels police also informed the paper, "It's remarkable that it couldn't be solved here before. And now, a week before the elections, all transmigrants are gone. There were no police, but in the past week, we suddenly have to patrol here with ten people. I would say: come back next week."

Theo Francken, former Belgian State Secretary for Asylum and Migration, alluded to Brussels-North being cleared - while the nearby park is now full.

"Suddenly the North station is empty, but the Maximilian Park is full again. 'The problem is not solved, it is a few hundred meters shifted,'" he wrote, quoting Het Nieuwsblad.

"Maximilian Park at Brussels-North tonight," Francken wrote on Facebook, along with photos depicting a line of men queued outside a van in the park.

Local residents are reporting that migrants have retaken control of a space they once frequented.

"Playing in the sand bank is no longer possible, because some people do their waste in it, as the men of the green service warned us," one resident told Sceptr. "We're set as far back as we were six months ago."

We don't dare to let our dog out again," another local inhabitant said. "A neighbor girl has been harassed more than once. She came home in panic last summer. Only one button was left on her shirt. She was groped."

Infowars Europe has reported regularly about the plight of Brussels-North and other public transit stations in the globalist stronghold, many of which are becoming hotspots for crime and violence often perpetrated by migrants.

Jean-Claude Juncker called those who love their own country "stupid nationalists" in a recent interview.

(PHOTO: Theo Francken/Facebook)

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