Migrants Crossing English Channel in Designer Clothes, Posting TikTok Videos

Thousands of migrants continue to pour across the English Channel from French shores, with some arriving to England in designer clothes and posting 'glamorous' TikTok videos of their journeys, according to reports.

A video purportedly shared to TikTok by a migrant traveling from Calais to Dover shows a group of men aboard a boat mugging for the camera as dance music pumps on a soundtrack.

"Just when you thought you’d seen it all!" Twitter user Broken Britain wrote on Thursday. "Migrants making TikTok videos as they cross The Channel."

"All their friends & family will be able to see just how easy it is to enter this once great country."

In another social media post, a newly-arrived migrant can be seen wearing Balenciaga shoes as he or she strolls ashore in a lifejacket.

A pair of authentic Balenciagas matching those pictured retail for around $900.

Well over 3,700 migrants have reached the U.K. via the English Channel so far this year, with over 1,600 coming in May alone.

Prominent British political figure Nigel Farage has warned that 20,000 migrants could reach England in this manner by end of year, smashing all previous records.

"Eighty-five percent of those that come are young men between the ages of 18 and 30," Farage said during a television interview this week. "We have no idea where most of them come from because they destroy their I.D. documents."

"We then have to provide accommodation. There are hotels being filled up all over the country, and this is not just expensive, it isn’t just wrong... it also poses quite a significant national security risk.”

Infowars Europe has frequently reported on the monumental increase of illegal migration along the English Channel in recent years.

The lid on the research regarding the origins of the COVID virus is slowly being lifted.

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