Migrants Escape Plane After 'Staged' Medical Emergency Forces Landing in Spain

More than a dozen African migrants disappeared after a flight bound for Turkey was forced to make an emergency landing in Spain due to a medical episode authorities now believe was staged, according to reports.

The incident unfolded during the overnight hours between Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

A Pegasus Airlines flight that originated in Casablanca, Morocco, was bound for Istanbul when an allegedly pregnant woman onboard claimed her water had broken and that she was going into labor.

Pilots diverted the plane to Barcelona and made an emergency landing.

Spanish police and emergency crews were ready and waiting to rush the woman to hospital.

However, during the disruption, 27 additional passengers deplaned and attempted to flee.

Fourteen people, including the pregnant woman, were apprehended, while 14 more managed to escape.

After a medical examination, authorities determined the woman was not about to give birth and arrested her for 'disturbing public order.'

The fugitives were still on the loose as of Wednesday night, according to reports.

A similar incident involving a flight on the same route took place in November of 2021.

The plane was forced to land on the Spanish island of Mallorca "when one of the passengers, apparently diabetic, had become unwell and seemed to be in a coma. While he was being evacuated from the plane with a companion, 21 people had fled," Le Dauphine reports.

The man was found to be in good health when he arrived at hospital.

In the meantime, his friend disappeared, along with nearly half of the escapees.

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