Migrants Exploiting Balkans Route as Slovenia Tightens Border Controls - Reports

The Balkan Peninsula is seeing an increase in migrant traffic, particularly by young males traveling to Croatia and beyond, according to officials.

Border police officer Gilio Toic-Sintic appeared on Austrian news to warn about an endless "flow of refugees" accumulating in Bosnian towns along the Croatian border as they push on towards the EU frontier.

"We have picked up 7,200 migrants at the border this year," Toic-Sintic told ZiB 1. "Ninety percent of them are men from 20 to 25-years-old."

The vast majority of migrants traveling the Balkans route are merely using Bosnia as a "transit station," as they work to infiltrate the Schengen Zone and exploit asylum policies in nations with generous welfare programs, according to Austrian media.

"On Friday, 11 refugees, including three women and five children, were freed from a freight car in Carinthia," Ö24 reports. "They came across the Balkan route, as with many other recent refugees. The hotspot is now Bosnia & Herzegovina."

"Hardly anyone wants asylum: only a fraction of them - 1,764 people - applied for asylum in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For almost all, the country is only a transit station. They want to cross the border into Croatia and thus into the EU."

Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Šarec has announced a tightening of border controls with Croatia amid "intensified flows of migrants passing through Croatia and Slovenia on their way to Italy and western Europe," Croatian media reports.

Slovenia has reportedly arrested roughly 5,000 migrants this year, over 100 of whom were apprehended in the past week alone.

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