Migrants, Gangs Attack Police Across Europe as Social Order Unravels

Police in Germany, France, and Belgium were under siege during the weekend, as mobs of migrants and gangs attacked them in the streets despite coronavirus lockdowns in effect in each country.

In the Anderlecht neighborhood of Brussels, at least 57 people were arrested after violent riots in response to the death of a 19-year-old who reportedly crashed his scooter while being chased after fleeing a police checkpoint.

“Images of the protest show police officers driving a group of young people back, after which they run away," Bruzz reports. "A police helicopter was also used to monitor the neighborhood. However, this could not prevent the situation from getting very out of hand: young people threw stones at the police and destroyed empty police vehicles.”

One suspect managed to steal a police firearm and discharge it during the melee.

In France, at least two officers were hospitalized after they were ambushed by attackers armed with small explosives in town of Nogent-sur-Oise, which some have referred to as a 'no-go zone.'

“It is not the first time that the police have been hit with small-scale mortars in the Oise,” reports Oise Hebdo. “Similar attacks have taken place twice in Compiègne since the beginning of the year, including once in the very beginning of April. But this is the first time that an attack of this type has been recorded - and filmed - in the Creole agglomeration.”

In Germany, officers attempting to enforce lockdown orders in Frankfurt were attacked by some 20 men armed with iron bars, stones, and other weapons.

Police said they observed a large group of people "blatantly ignoring lockdown rules" on Friday night.

“As one officer stepped out of the patrol car, one of the group threw a large stone at the vehicle. The group then ran away and the officers were unable to catch them,” Deutsche Welle reports. “Shortly afterward, a second officer was attacked by around 20 people as the officer got out of the vehicle.”

After a lengthy manhunt involving a police helicopter, six suspects were arrested inside an apartment, and an array of weapons were seized, including samurai swords, nunchucks, brass knuckles, and daggers.

Also in Frankfurt, police were forced to shoot a 26-year-old Moroccan migrant after he stabbed multiple officers who had been called to the scene of a disturbance.

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