Migrants Overwhelming Bosnia Border Towns, Terrorizing Locals

Thousands of migrants have accumulated in Bosnia and Herzegovina along the Croatian border, overwhelming local asylum facilities and aid organizations attempting to mitigate the crisis.

As Croatia erects fences and increases border security in an effort to defend the EU's Balkan frontier, illegal migrants continue to pile up in Bosnian towns, according to reports.

"In migrant reception centers, we can accommodate around 3,500," Bosnian Red Cross spokesman Hasan Klicic told Radio Free Europe. "Right now, we have over 10,000 migrants [in the Krajina region]."

"It adds to our problems and results in frequent clashes between migrants, and disturbs public peace and order."

Croatian Red Cross representative Katarina Zoric warns "numerous problems" are being created for local populations.

Residents say migrants are running rampant in their towns, wreaking havoc and engaging in a variety of disruptive and criminal acts with few consequences.

"[The migrants] run around freely," said one man. "We can't sleep peacefully anymore. We're constantly on alert."

Another man told Radio Free Europe, "You see them running up the hill with sticks. They fight here. They're breaking into my garage."

"What can I tell you? We call the authorities but they're not doing anything."

Some 9,000 migrants reportedly arrived in Bosnia in the first five months of 2019, 12 times more than all of 2017 combined.

"It is recommended [by the EU] to fence off border crossings," Croatian Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic told the press. "Let me repeat once again: Croatian police will continue to strengthen its human and technical capacities for an efficient fight against illegal migrations."

A new wave of migration issues has been brewing on the Balkan Peninsula after the region saw hundreds of thousands of migrants pass through during the 2015 crisis, as Infowars Europe is regularly documenting.

African migrants crossing into the U.S. and Europe have been found to be carrying large wads of cash.

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