Migrants Pouring Across English Channel, Phoning Police For 'Rescue'

Migrants crossing the English Channel were apprehended by UK Border Force for the fourth day in a row, as British media reports some are simply calling the police from their boats for pick-up.

A small boat carrying nine Iranian men was met by lifeboat crews off the coast of Kent, bringing the total number of migrants crossing the Channel to 44 in the last four days, the Press Association reports.

All of the men were brought to Dover and inspected by paramedics. Eight were referred to immigration authorities and another was arrested under suspicion of facilitating illegal entry to the UK.

"Illegal migrants are ringing police to collect them from boats in the Channel because they are so sure of avoiding being returned to their countries, MPs have been told," the London Times reports.

Roughly 40 percent of migrants attempting the Channel crossing are reportedly paying 'facilitators' around $6,500 per person to arrange their journey from Iran to Europe, according to Steve Rodhouse, director-general of operations at the National Crime Agency.

"They want to be found and helped," Kent police chief Alan Pughsley told the Daily Mail. "On some occasions, they are phoning 999 and asking for our help."

A group of 15 Iranian men aboard two boats were brought ashore earlier this week, followed by a boat carrying 13 migrants who were all transported to the UK, as well.

Also, a family of seven was taken into custody after landing their dinghy near Kingsdown.

Over 360 migrants have reached England via the Channel since November, 2018, and some authorities believe this is just a preview of what is to come as the weather improves.

"The sea is like a duck pond," said retired coastguard officer Andy Roberts. "This is going to carry on and on. There will be lots more to come. The weather is so great for them. It's a perfect time for them."

In January, a woman living near Kent discovered three migrant men who had just illegally completed the Channel crossing standing in her front yard.

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