Migrants Riot, Set Fires at Italian Asylum Center

Buildings were set ablaze during riots at an asylum center in northern Italy, according to local media.

Migrants housed at a 'center for permanence and repatriation' (CPR) in Turin revolted against "inhumane conditions" in conjunction with a protest organized by anarchist activists.

"A group of guests set fire to eight housing units. Several firefighting squads worked for over an hour to put out the blaze," ANSA reports.

"The yellow and purple wings of the building were also at the center of actions on Saturday, November 23, where a group from an anarchist community declared a hunger strike to protest against conditions in the structure, the food served there, the length of stays for identification, and 'inefficient' health care."

Police were called to bring the facility back to order.

The Turin CPR has been the site of frequent unrest among its inhabitants.

During a long weekend spanning from August to September, migrants rioted, set fires, and attacked police, throwing rocks at officers and sending at least one to hospital with injuries.

Days later, a security guard was wounded when four migrants attempted to forcefully escape the facility.

In July, anarchists protested and migrants rampaged after a Bangladeshi man was found dead in his room under questionable circumstances.

Tensions at the center have reportedly been rising as more and more migrants from various parts of the world are brought there, fueling cultural and factional clashes.

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