Migrants Riot, Throw Stones at Police in German Asylum Center

An asylum center in Bamberg, Germany, was placed on lockdown during a riot in which paving stones were thrown at security officers and a fire broke out, according to police.

The facility sustained over $100,000 of damage during the melee, which required more than 100 officers from "numerous task forces" to contain, as well as a fire response team.

At least 11 people were injured during the mayhem, and eight suspects were immediately apprehended, all of whom have been identified as Eritrean nationals by authorities.

"Several residents attacked security guards and police officers," Bavarian police say in their report. "In addition, there was a fire in an apartment of the institution. Numerous task forces are now in control of the situation."

"Around 0.45 clock, security personnel were attacked after a disturbance in a building. Subsequently several male persons barricaded themselves in the building. When the first police patrols arrived, some were pelted with paving stones."

Authorities say they are now investigating breach of the peace, arson, and other offenses.

This is the second fire in the Bramberg facility in recent weeks, according to German outlet PI News, which also reports that it is a common tactic for migrants to sabotage their holding facilities in the hopes of being relocated elsewhere – preferably their own apartments.

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