Migrants Rob Worshippers at Serbian Church During Mass

Two migrants are suspected of robbing worshippers at a church in Serbia in the middle of mass, according to reports.

A pair of male migrants are believed to have targeted the Serbian Orthodox church of St. Alexander Nevski in Belgrade, arriving at a time when congregants would be present.

“There were two of them. They broke into the church during the liturgy, which was in progress, and they stole two purses and three mobile phones,” church elder Vajo Jović told Nova.

“After entering the temple, they arranged themselves on each side, and the people, seeing what was happening, managed to catch one of them and take away his mobile phones and the money he stole.”

“The other managed to escape. He took two purses, in one there were 3,500 dinars (~$33), while in the other there were 18,000 (~$172), which was the entire pension of one woman,” he explained.

Jović says police were alerted immediately.

“We handed that young man over to the police, while the other managed to escape,” Jović said. “At one point, the one we caught tried to pick up his phone, but he actually had something else, whether pliers or a knife, I don’t know. But, luckily, he was caught on time.”

“This is an affront. Isn't anything sacred to people, like the liturgy? Terrible.”

There are currently over 8,000 migrants known to be in Serbia, according to the UNHCR, large portions of whom are from Afghanistan (3,421), Syrian (1,140), and Pakistan (983).

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