Watch: Migrants Storm Spanish Border, Attack Police With Acid

Over 300 migrants stormed Spain’s southern border fence “violently and aggressively” while allegedly using acid on border officials.

Approximately 115 migrants successfully made it to Spain’s north African enclave of Ceuta from Morocco by exploiting the weakest sections of the fence such as security camera blindspots.

“Seven policemen were burned by acid and quicklime, a skin irritant, allegedly thrown by some of the migrants as they overran border defenses,” said Spain’s Civil Guard.

Also, video footage shows the migrants cheering at the temporary reception center while donning EU and Spanish flags yelling “I love Spain!” and “Boza! Boza!” which means “victory” in their Fula language.

The Wednesday siege fell on the same day during celebrations of the Islamic holiday, Eid al-Adha, the "Festival of Sacrifice.”

“It happened just as the prayer before the animal sacrifice was being said,” said a Civil Guard officer.

Less than 10 border officers were actually present at the time of the migrant rush due to most of the staff enjoying summer vacation or from officials honoring Eid al-Adha, an official holiday in Ceuta and Morocco.

Additionally, this incident occurred a month after over 600 migrants penetrated the same border, that time using flame throwers.

Furthermore, days after that landmark border assault, Spain's foreign minister's official comments on the migrant surge was denying that the influx could accurately be called "mass" migration as well as adding the aging European continent needs "new blood" to thwart declining populaton trends.

(PHOTO: Alexander Koerner / Stringer / Getty Images)

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