Migrants Surging Into Switzerland Via Trains From Austria

The numbers of migrants arriving in Switzerland on trains from Austria is rising, authorities have warned.

At least 38 migrants from Afghanistan were apprehended on Wednesday morning at the main station in Buchs, a city in the canton of St. Gallen, 20 Minutes reports.

"Since July 1st, over 2,500 migrants have entered Switzerland," officials revealed during a press conference on Wednesday involving police, cantonal authorities, and the State Secretariat for Migration.

Due to limited resources, migrants caught in St. Gallen are taken to a facility in the city of Wil to await a security screening.

However, the center is only designed to hold 50 people, and many migrants are vanishing after they are brought there.

"Almost all these people disappear one day after their arrival," explained Bruno Zanga, commander of the St. Gallen cantonal police.

More than half of the migrants apprehended are reportedly young males, many of whom are living legally in Austria.

"We find that they are mainly adolescents and young men, with a residence permit in Austria,” said Markus Kobler, customs chief for the eastern region of Switzerland.

Commander Zanga asserted most of the migrants are passing through on their way to other countries, such as France or the United Kingdom.

“Switzerland is a transit country," he said.

A new processing center will soon be opened in Buchs to accommodate the growing number of migrants, officials say.

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