Migrants Swarming Italian Town on French Border

Nearly 100 illegal migrants are arriving daily in an Italian resort town along the French border, according to reports.

Authorities have announced that a permanent reception center for migrants will be opened in Ventimiglia, located in the Italian region of Liguria along the Gulf of Genoa.

Approximately 90 migrants have entered the town each day in recent weeks, many of whom are passing through en route to the French border just a few kilometers away.

"As well as the permanent facility, a temporary center will also be set up to host the growing number of migrants expected to arrive over the summer," ANSA reports, citing local officials.

The vast majority of the migrants are illegally present in Italy.

"Figures tell us today that 90 percent of people who arrive in Ventimiglia are irregular," said Mayor Gaetano Scullino.

"They want to cross French territory, but not remain in France."

Authorities claim stopping migrants in-transit is "not simple," and other solutions must be reached.

"We have examined the unavoidable fact that Ventimiglia must manage the phenomenon, something which doesn't allow us to look the other way and requires immediate action as well as a medium and long-term commitment," said Prefect Francesca Ferrandino.

Last month, two illegal migrants were killed and a third badly injured when they were hit by a truck while running on the A10 highway just minutes from Ventimiglia.

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