Migrants Tell German Media 'Mother Merkel Is Reason We Come'

Migrants say they go to Germany to seek a "better life" because they feel welcomed by Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom they call "the mother of Africans."

German state broadcaster ZDF recently interviewed three Guinean men at an asylum facility who said they were all bound for Germany.

"It is our dream to move to Germany to have a better life there," one man said.

Another man claimed, "I would like to work in Germany, to learn a job, and work in it so that I can live well in Germany."

The migrants say they have watched many videos on YouTube about Chancellor Merkel.

"Angela Merkel has done a lot for illegal migration," one man said. "She is the mother of Africans. She's the reason why so many Africans travel to Germany."

While Merkel has no children of her own, Germans have long referred to her as "Mutti" (mother), a nickname which migrants have also begun using.

In 2018, a Syrian man with two wives and six children thanked "Mama Merkel" for granting his entire family asylum (despite polygamy being illegal) and allowing them to live on welfare during an interview with German media.

“I thank you very, very, very much, Mama Merkel,” Ahmed A. told Der Spiegel. “She is the only person who has felt the suffering of the Syrians. I also thank the Germans. Even if there are racists among them. But the Germans have experienced war and show great compassion for the Syrians.”

Between 2015 and 2018, Germany's population exploded by roughly two million people, almost exclusively due to migration from the Middle East and Africa.

Video translation and transcription provided by Vlad Tepes blog.

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