Migrants Terrorize Elderly Inhabitants of Croatian Village

Residents of Croatia's highest village are terrified after a series of home invasions and robberies by migrants, according to local media.

Begovo Razdolje, a tiny settlement with an official population of 48 mostly-elderly inhabitants, sits at nearly 3,500 feet above sea level, but even the high altitude has not served as an effective bulwark against mass migration.

Locals are desperately seeking action from authorities after migrants targeted at least five homes in a rash of break-ins and smash-and-grabs, asserting they "have the right to a normal and secure life in their homeland."

Mirna Jardas told RTL she had to burn dirty clothes and blankets left behind by migrants who broke into her home and helped themselves to her belongings.

She says she is heartbroken because the intruders broke a Christian crucifix and destroyed family photographs, adding she no longer feels compassion for so-called 'refugees.'

"I am sad and bitter - no words here, it's hard," Ms. Jardas said. "I have always agreed, people need help, but when I see what they do, I can only say, 'No, no more help from me.'"

A married couple in their nineties say the burglars came crashing through a window late at night, and their bedroom wall was the only thing separating them from a confrontation.

"Could they have killed us?" asked Štefica Gržanić. "I can't remember what happened. I just cried."

Renato Karlovic, who gave chase to the suspects as they made their exit, says he and fellow villagers nearly caught the group of young men, but after seeing that one was carrying a large knife, they fell back.

"We are only looking for the police to protect us so we can live peacefully," said Zvonko Francisković.

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