Migrants Terrorizing Residents, Travelers Near Belgian Highway Rest Stop

A highway rest stop in Belgium has become a flash point for crime and conflict as illegal migrants gathering there are terrorizing travelers and local residents in the area, according to local media.

Migrants have been flocking to a rest stop along highway E40 in Landen, Belgium, as they attempt to force entry into vehicles bound for the United Kingdom and other destinations in Europe.

While camped or loitering in the area, migrants have been committing crimes and attacking motorists on a regular basis, SCEPTR reports.

“For the past few weeks, we have been confronted with transmigrants almost every evening," says Landen Mayor Gino Deboux. "They arrive here alone or in small groups by train and then stock up with the necessary alcoholic drinks in the night shop."

"They then hang around a little on Stationsplein and then walk through the station car park and the Ravel, a pedestrian and bicycle path on the old railway bed, in the direction of Hannut to the parking of the E40. There they try to climb a transport to get to England.”

A recent fight at a local transit station between migrants and locals ended with injuries on both sides and served to further enrage residents at negative conditions being allowed to flourish in the area.

Mayor Deboux is now calling for the highway rest stop to be closed to deter migrants from traveling there.

“Violence and aggression towards truck drivers and police by these so-called 'transit migrants' are the order of the day on dozens of motorway parking lots between Brussels and the coast,” SCEPTR reports. “Truck drivers and transport companies have already sounded the alarm several times, without much result.”

At the same rest stop, a trucker was recently attacked by a gang of migrants armed with machetes, spears, and rods, as Infowars Europe reported.

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