Migrants Terrorizing Swimming Pools Across Europe

Many swimming pools in Europe are no longer safe havens for those hoping for relaxation and relief from the summer heat as migrants and youths of 'foreign background' wreak havoc, sometimes in massive groups.

Incidents including sex attacks, riots, and fights are taking place with increasing frequency at public pools across Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and beyond.

In Rheinbad, Germany, some 70 police officers were called to mitigate a crowd of 400 youths, mostly males of North African descent, who were menacing a family of four. The facility was eventually closed and evacuated multiple times over the course of a single weekend.

In Draveil, France, three drunk men in their 20s were arrested for sexually assaulting young teenage girls, Le Parisien reports.

In Châtellerault, France, 600 people were evacuated from a nautical center after a massive fight between "rival gangs" at the facility.

In Corbeil-Essonnes, France, a dozen 'young people' were reprimanded by staff for breaking pool rules, and in retaliation, they defecated and urinated in the water, forcing an evacuation of 1,000 people from the facility.

In Ghent, Belgium, a group of roughly 14 "young people from ethnic minorities" reportedly surrounded a 13-year-old girl and sexually assaulted her in a pool, with lifeguards unaware because she was too terrified to call for help.

In Terneuzen, the Netherlands, three Dutch girls were sexually assaulted at a pool.

In Kortrik, Netherlands, bathers and families are reportedly being harassed by mobs of North African youths.

“When we had a good look around it was clear that roughly 90% of the visitors present were of North African descent. Arabic and French were the main language used for shouting and yelling,” said one man. “The 'young people' were very rude, loud, violent and had no respect whatsoever for the other visitors. The same story in the outdoor swimming pool and whitewater course, where it was impossible to enjoy our beautiful and expensive swimming pool.”

The Local Germany reports some recent incidents at pools as follows:

"At a swimming pool in Essen last Monday, a group of young men reportedly attacked two lifeguards and a young girl. The city then doubled the number of security guards at the pool."

"In Hesse tensions boiled over last Wednesday in front of an overcrowded bathing facility. Due to large crowds, the entrance was temporarily closed. But, according to police, about 200 people tried to enter the pool by force. Some people queuing threw stones and insulted security staff."

SCEPTR reports on incidents across Belgium and the Netherlands as follows:

"A week ago the first story of swimming pool terror came to light. Belgian Moroccans went to a swimming pool on the Dutch border to assault girls and run amok."

"In the days that followed, similar stories followed each other in rapid succession. Within a week, young immigrants caused problems in swimming pools in Ghent, Beveren, Kortrijk and Hofstade."

Bathers at some Belgian pools will now be forced to provide identification and register before entering, and lifeguards will wear body cameras.

"The atmosphere in the outdoor swimming pools is becoming more and more aggressive,” Peter Harzheim, president of the Federal Association of German Pool Attendants, told Rheinische Post. "This is a frightening development. We have to take tough action."

The group profiting from the migrant emergency centers is openly backing the left's play to swell immigration numbers.

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