Migrants Torch Shelter After Asylum Rejection

Two migrants have been charged for setting fire to a refugee shelter after being rejected for asylum, German media reports.

The Albanian duo, aged 19 and 24, filmed themselves starting the fire in their room, according to a newly-released Facebook video German media outlets are calling "authentic."

“No asylum, young Albanians set fire to camp in Germany,” reads the title. "Albanians do this in asylum if their application is rejected and negated.”

Around 45 firefighters were required to stop the Monday inferno and evacuate 150 people from the shelter that houses 251 asylum seekers from the Western Balkans, North Africa, Russia, Iraq, and more.

In the end, several were injured and the room where the fire began was completely destroyed.

The two migrants will face court for being “suspected of particularly severe arson.”

"The [Facebook] video is known to us,” said a Bonn police spokesman. “It's part of our investigation, of course.”

“We are currently evaluating it."

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