Migration Accounted For 73 Percent of Sweden's 2019 Population Growth

Sweden saw a population increase of nearly 100,000 people in 2019, with migration accounting for 73 percent of the growth, according to a new report.

Numbers compiled by government agency Statistics Sweden found the Scandinavian nation's population has surged in the past decade, reaching 10,327,589 - up nearly one million since 2009.

"The population of Sweden is increasing at the moment, in part, because more people are born than are dying, but above all, immigration is greater than emigration. About 73 percent of the population increase is explained by migration," the agency explained.

Syrian nationals have comprised the largest group of immigrants to Sweden for the past five years, but in 2019 they were eclipsed by Swedish-born returnees, Indians, and Afghans.

"The largest immigration group was for the first time since 2013, immigrants born in Sweden, 11,955 persons," the report notes. "However, the group decreased by 7 percent, or 850 persons, compared to 2018."

Far more Swedes emigrated (16,028), making them the largest group to leave the country during the year.

Total emigration was up 1.6 percent over 2018.

People born in Iraq, Iran, Eritrea, Pakistan, Poland, and China comprised the 5th through 10th spots on the list of immigrant nationalities, in that order.

The number of Pakistani immigrants surged by 24.7 percent from 2018.

Asylum seekers are reportedly not counted as immigrants until they receive residence permits.

Additionally, the immigration background of those born in Sweden was not detailed in the report, as Fria Tider notes.

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