Hungary Blasts Criticism of ‘Stop Soros’ Laws

Hungary is hitting back at international criticism and calls to kill their new ‘Stop Soros’ bill that is working its way through the legislative process.

The set of laws is designed to combat meddling in domestic affairs by Hungarian-born billionaire, George Soros, and his network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and subversive agents.

A key component of the bill would introduce stiff penalties for individuals or groups involved in aiding or promoting illegal immigration - a top issue facing Europe which is heavily exacerbated by the ‘Soros mafia.’

“Those who provide financial means… or conduct this organizational activity on a regular basis will be punishable with up to one year in prison,” a portion of the law currently stipulates.

Globalists outfits are vilifying the Hungarian government, including the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) which has condemned the bill.

“UNHCR is seriously concerned that these proposals, if passed, would deprive people who are forced to flee their homes of critical aid and services, and further inflame tense public discourse and rising xenophobic attitudes,” the UNHCR said in a statement.

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has released an official response to the UNHCR which also serves as a rebuke of the greater pro-open borders, internationalist cabal.

“In recent years, the UNHCR has attacked the Hungarian Government on ten separate occasions simply for protecting the country’s borders against illegal immigrants, and it has already attacked both the border security fence and the National Consultation. In their opinion migrants should be allowed to move between countries ‘unhindered’, and illegally crossing state borders should not be punished. The Hungarian Government does not accept this.”

“Illegal immigration is not a human right. Assisting illegal immigration is not a humane act; it is a crime and a security risk. Migration is a national security issue... To the Hungarian Government, the safety of the Hungarian people comes first, and we will not allow the migrants or the organisations that support migration to put Hungary’s security at risk.”

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán led his ruling Fidesz party to a stunning landslide victory in April elections, receiving a clear mandate from Magyars to tackle the issue of immigration with full force and stand firm in the face of intimidation from the EU and Soros.

"No matter how many times George Soros goes to Brussels, no matter how many times the issue of illegal immigration is placed on the agenda, and no matter how many allies George Soros has in Brussels, we will not back down," Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó proclaimed days after the election. "Illegal immigrants will continue to not be allowed entry into Hungary in the future."


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