Milan in the 'Throes of Total Decay' as Migrants Run Rampant

Migrants are wreaking havoc in Milan, an Italian city in collapse, according to local media.

The formerly glamorous mecca of high fashion has been overrun by illegal aliens from Africa who have capitalized on oppressive restrictions forced upon Italian citizens during the COVID crisis.

Now, as tourists trickle back into Milan, officials and residents are warning rampant drug dealing and violent crime have transformed the city, as Italian media outlet Il Giornale highlighted in multiple articles published on Tuesday.

"Tourists arriving in the city not only find themselves surrounded by immigrants sleeping in tents and sleeping bags placed in the flower beds or under the arcades of the streets surrounding [Milan Central Station], but now even when walking in the heart of Milan, in Piazza Duomo, they witness the exchange of money and drugs," writes Francesca Galici for Il Giornale.

"It is a disaster that no one seems willing to remedy and that paints an image of Milan in the throes of total decay, certainly not a postcard that invites tourists to visit the metropolis and its treasures."

African drug dealers have reportedly overrun territory surrounding the iconic Duomo di Milano, selling narcotics in the shadow of the famous cathedral with impunity.

"After the Central Station, even the Duomo is taken by storm by groups of African drug dealers who, undisturbed, sell to buyers under the video surveillance cameras of the City of Milan and among the tourists who have returned to visit the city after the pandemic," Lega party regional councilor Silvia Scurati told the paper.

"Drug dealers crowd a few steps away from the tables of restaurants, frequented by tourists, overlooking Piazza Duomo. What a nice business card for the city of [Mayor] Beppe Sala."

Italy's second largest city by population has also become one of its most crime-ridden.

"In the Central Station, we need an energetic action to restore order and legality given that the majority of those who camp out in this area are dedicated to drug dealing activities, not to mention muggings and violent fights," asserts Lega MEP Silvia Sardone.

Sardone worries tourists will be horrified by what they encounter upon disembarking in Milan.

"There are responsibilities and they are political: is there anyone at Palazzo Marino?"

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