Miss France Pelted With Rocks by Gang of 'Youths' in Paris - Report

A French model and singer says she was attacked by a large group of 'young guys' who threw rocks at her and tried to steal her phone in Paris.

Vaimalama Chaves, a contestant on Dancing With the Stars who was previously crowned Miss France in 2019, shared her tale on social media, along with a short video from the attack.

In a recent post on her Instagram page that has since expired, she explained what had taken place, alleging police brushed her off when she called the emergency hotline requesting assistance.

“To start with, they threw rocks at me, ‘as a joke,’” Chaves wrote. “When I confronted the one who I saw did it, they gathered around me. About fifteen young guys who have no values.”

“I tried to film to show the police, who are still not there an hour later. I was told on the phone, 'It’s okay, you only got rocks.' No sir, I didn’t get 'only' rocks. They tried to steal my phone and they had fun throwing more at me when I left. They surrounded me when I tried to call 17 [Paris police].”

A portion of Chaves's post was shared to Twitter, including a brief video of the incident showing young males ducking and covering their faces to avoid exposure.

Chaves revealed she filed a formal police report in a follow-up post on Instagram in which she encouraged other victims of similar attacks to speak up and not be intimidated into silence.

"I don’t want anyone else to have to go through this. Insecurity, anger, loss of resources. Polynesia taught me gentleness and kindness, but here in Paris, all my skills have no place. Respect does not exist. Tolerance neither," she said.

"If ever this happens to you, a reflex that seems stupid but saved me today (in addition to those who came to support me and whom I thank), pull out your phone to film them. These are proofs."

"It won't stop there. If I have been through this and have been able to show it to you, thousands of others suffer the same or worse, and say nothing. There is no need to be silent," Chaves asserted.

Infowars frequently documents attacks across Western Europe perpetrated by mobs of 'young people,' many of whom are of Middle Eastern or African descent.

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