Mobs of Migrants Throw Stones, Stun Grenades at Polish Officers During Border Siege

Poland continues to battle large groups of violent migrants at the border with Belarus.

On Tuesday night, incidents unfolded at multiple locations on the frontier as migrant mobs backed by Belarusian forces reportedly destroyed border fencing and launched projectiles at Polish officers.

"On the section protected by the Border Guard post in Mielnik, two attempts to cross the border by force took place yesterday," the Polish Border Guard reported on Wednesday.

"40-person groups of aggressive foreigners attacked Polish services throwing stones, tree branches. Stun grenades were also used."

During another attack near Dubicze Cerkiewne, around 100 migrants damaged razor wire fencing and hurled rocks into Poland.

"These people were very aggressive. They threw stones in the direction of Polish officers. They threw footbridges over the concertina, and migrants cut elements of the barrier. The whole event was assisted by Belarusian soldiers. They also helped the foreigners," Border Guard Lieutenant Anna Michalska explained during a press conference.

Approximately 100 migrants managed to temporarily reach Polish soil during the incursion but were immediately returned to Belarus.

"From our findings, they were mainly Iraqi nationals. All of these people were stopped right at the borderline, instructed to leave the territory of Poland, and brought to the border," Lt. Michalska said.

A surge of migrant traffic towards Poland and neighboring countries began after Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko threatened to allow aliens and drugs to flood Europe amid fraying diplomatic ties with the E.U. earlier this year.

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(PHOTO: Screenshot / Polish Border Guard)

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