Montenegro Deploys Troops to Secure Border Amid Migrant Influx

Montenegro has decided to deploy troops to reinforce its borders, despite insisting that a rapid escalation in migrant traffic is not yet a concern, according to reports.

Military personnel will begin operating next week at the Bozaj crossing on the Albanian border, which lies mere miles from the capital city of Podgorica, but "will be deployed on the basis of decision by the Defence and Security Council," Balkan Insight reports.

"The border will be controlled by mixed police and army patrols primarily in order to prevent illegal crossings of the state border with Albania, as well as other illegal actions in the border area," Montenegro's Defense Ministry explained in a press release.

Montenegro recorded over 1,500 illegal crossings through the end of May - a sharp escalation from the previous year, and along with its neighbors Albania and Bosnia, the number of migrants flowing through the region has surged to 6,700, effectively quadrupling 2017 figures.

Additional indicators, such as the estimated number of migrants squatting in Bihač, Bosnia, at any given time - 4,000 to 5,000, according to local reports - point to a potentially explosive situation.

The majority of migrants illegally entering the Western Balkans hail from Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Palestine and Iraq, according to local media.

Infowars Europe reported in May that Montenegro was planning for a potential razor wire border fence with Albania, and while Hungary has offered to supply materials and assistance with its construction, Podgorica maintains that circumstances have not yet necessitated the barrier.

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