More Migrants Cross English Channel This Month Than All of Last Year

The number of illegal migrants crossing the English Channel in September has already eclipsed the entirety of 2019, according to reports.

Nearly 400 migrants reached U.K. shores on Tuesday alone, pushing the official total for September up to 1,892 – with another eight full days left in the month.

The Home Office says 1,835 migrants made the crossing during all of 2019.

Tuesday was one of the busiest single days to date, as 393 migrants on 26 boats were 'intercepted' by U.K. Border Force and other agencies, according to the BBC.

Another 10 boats carrying over 100 migrants were reportedly prevented from leaving French waters.

"Despite extra resources deployed to the Dover Strait, Border Force officials said they were busy for more than 13 hours dealing with crossings along more than 65 miles of coastline between Kent and East Sussex," the BBC reports.

"Many had to queue before they were allowed to disembark from Border Force boats because of the volume of arrivals."

Infowars Europe has been documenting the intensifying English Channel crisis since late 2018.

April of 2020 saw a dramatic increase in crossings, and arrivals have climbed steadily since.

Brexit architect and investigative reporter Nigel Farage recently exposed the Channel migration crisis as an operation which both the U.K. and French governments are actively facilitating.

In a video report titled, "I caught the French Navy cheating," Farage and his team monitored a French naval ship shadowing a small boat laden with migrants as it crossed the Channel into British waters and was picked up by a U.K. Border Force vessel.

"They simply don't want you to know what the truth is," Farage said in late May. "I think the numbers that come over the course of the summer will justify the use of the word 'invasion.'"

"Twice in a week, we have caught the French navy acting as an escort for illegal migrants into British waters, and our Border Force... effectively being complicit in it."

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