More Than 50,000 Ukraine Refugees Arriving Daily in Polish Border Towns

Up to 50,000 refugees have been arriving each day in the Polish town of Przemyśl near the border with Ukraine, with hundreds more arriving at other frontier crossing points. Warsaw has thus far spent €1.6 billion to manage the influx of people escaping the Russian invasion.

Hundreds of refugees – mainly women, children and the elderly – are also arriving every day at Medyka, another Polish town on the border. Upon arrival they are faced with two choices: Go to a warehouse transformed into an emergency shelter, or continue to the neighbouring town of Przemyśl, where they can embark for other destinations.

"A lot of refugees here have family, friends in other parts of Poland and other parts of Europe," Kamil Krukiewicz, a press officer for the town, told FRANCE 24. "They know when they want to go."

Farther north at another border crossing, the International Organization for Migration registers every refugee.

Poland has thus far spent €1.6 billion to manage the refugee emergency, and as FRANCE 24's Emmanuelle Chaze reports, questions persist about how the humanitarian effort will continue in the weeks and months to come.

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