Morrissey’s New Album Is About the Manchester Arena Bombing

Pop icon Morrissey, who has become a pariah to the music industry due to his politically incorrect comments, is about to release an album with a title track that is about the Manchester Arena bombing.

The former Smiths frontman maintains a loyal hardcore fanbase but cannot find a record deal due to the blisteringly honest themes of his work.

The title track of his new album, Bonfire of Teenagers, is about what Morrissey refers to in an interview as “Britain’s 9/11,” the May 2017 Manchester Arena bombing by Islamic jihadist Salman Abedi that claimed the lives of 23 people and injured 800, many of them children.

“Bonfire of Teenagers the track is magnificent, but you must be expecting some manufactured paranoia … the usual ‘you can’t sing about THAT’ pearl fumblers,” the interviewer asked Morrissey.

“It’s about the kids who were murdered, yes,” responded Moz. “We are not encouraged to look beneath the surface because it’s dark and hidden. But the song is anti-terror, and anyone who finds that offensive can only be devoid of personal morality. As your brother once said to me, the Manchester Arena Bombing was Britain’s 9/11. We should appreciate anyone who asks questions.”

As we have previously highlighted, the Manchester Arena bombing is a harrowing example of how political correctness literally kills.

Suicide bomber Abedi was rescued as a ‘refugee’ by the British Royal Navy following the overthrow of Colonel Gadaffi in Libya.

Gadaffi infamously warned that if he was toppled, millions of migrants would flee to the west and terrorists would hide themselves amongst the refugee wave.

That’s precisely what happened.

Numerous terror attacks throughout Europe in the years that followed were carried out by “refugees,” including the Paris massacre and numerous beheadings in France.

On the night of the Manchester Arena bombing, numerous concertgoers and security guards saw Abedi acting suspiciously but were either ignored or didn’t report the terrorist’s alarming behavior for fear of being labeled “racist.”

The same label that has made Morrissey public enemy number one for an industry that reacts to honesty, authenticity and integrity in music like a vampire reacts to sunlight.

After Morrissey had the temerity to point out the blindingly obvious, that diversity not a strength, BMG, which is owned by Sony Corporation, announced they would be dropping Morrissey due to “new plans for ‘diversity” that didn’t include him.


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