MP Pummels German Gov't For Destroying Country, Enabling Migration Crisis

A top German MP eviscerated globalist lawmakers for actively destroying the country through regressive economic planning and disastrous immigration policies during a scathing speech on the floor of the Bundestag.

MP Alice Weidel, who leads the nationalist-populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, unloaded on the Merkel administration and other radical socialists in parliament amid jeers and cheers from her opponents and colleagues.

Notably, Weidel accused the government of enabling the migration crisis to continue by aiding NGOs who transport migrants to Europe, and even asserted that migrants are being flown into Germany, a scandal which Infowars helped bring to light in 2018.

Citing a former federal intelligence chief, Weidel contended that over two million "predominantly young men" have arrived in Germany since 2015, contributing to a massive spike in crime and damage to the social welfare system.

"We could end the migration coming across the Mediterranean if you were willing to join Italy and other countries in monitoring the Mediterranean to ensure that no one can cross the sea and enter Europe illegally," Weidel said.

"Instead, you encourage humanitarian smugglers and traffickers, also known as 'NGOs.' You even allow their illegally smuggled passengers to fly into Germany. And now you want to set up your own state-run water taxi service. This can only be described as grotesque, ladies and gentlemen."

Weidel contrasted the absurdity of restricting the movement of German citizens through "car bans, tax penalties and short-term interventionist measures," while allowing illegal migrants to move freely throughout Europe on the taxpayer dime.

"You have enough money for every time of obscure interest group thinkable, but not for the effective control of our borders or the protection of our citizens – the same citizens who are required to give you a record proportion of their incomes. You owe them a service in return," Weidel said.

Watch Alice Weidel's full speech with translation and transcription provided by Vlad Tepes Blog

Dan Lyman joins The Alex jones Show to shed light on the growing immigration crisis in Europe.

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