Multiple Blasts Rock Sweden Hours After Train Station Bomb Scare

Two separate explosions rocked Malmö, Sweden, amid a 24-hour wave of violent incidents that included a bomb scare that ended with a police shooting at the central train station and another deadly shooting in the troubled city.

Harrowed residents told local media they are preparing to leave Malmö, with one man calling it a "war zone."

Police say a "large number of people" reported a "heavy" late-night blast at a residence in the culturally-enriched 'no-go zone' of Rosengård.

The entrance to the building was destroyed, along with windows of nearby homes, according to a Kvällposten photographer on the scene.

Roughly an hour later, another explosion, this one at a nightclub in central Malmo, was reported to emergency dispatch.

The bomb squad deployed directly to the second blast from the scene of the first.

“It slammed very quickly and very loudly, then it became completely silent,” Per Eskilson, 61, told Kvällposten. “It's unpleasant. It is a concern that does not see any improvement in this city.”

“It is like a war zone. Now we have had several shootings yesterday and two bombs last night. I've started to look at a new accommodation now. I will move away from this town, I will not stay.”

The latest explosions in Malmö came just hours after a man threatening to detonate bombs at the city's central train station was shot and neutralized by police, and another man was gunned down elsewhere in the city.

As independent journalist Peter Sweden noted, a slew of violence erupted across the once-peaceful Scandinavian country in the span of just 24 hours – and mere days after a monster blast compared to a "meteorite strike" damaged roughly 250 apartments and injured some 20 people in Linköping.

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