Multiple Buildings 'Ripped Apart' in Latest Sweden Explosion

Several residential buildings were "ripped apart" by a powerful explosion in Malmö, Sweden, according to local media.

The facades of multiple apartment structures were heavily damaged in the latest blast to rock the troubled city, Fria Tider reports.

“Police were called to the area when several callers heard a loud bang,” police explained in a report. “When the patrols located the site, it was noted that something had detonated at an apartment on the ground floor.”

Officers had reportedly investigated gunshots directed at an apartment in one of the affected buildings earlier in the day.

Windows in the vicinity were blown out by the shock wave and nearby properties were also damaged.

One resident was injured by glass shards during the explosion, which reportedly took place at approximately 11:00pm.

"These are major damages, so we naturally suspect a strong detonation," a police spokesman told Aftonbladet.

A police spokeswoman says the buildings were evacuated and the area was cordoned off while bomb technicians searched for additional explosives.

"National bomb protection has been working on the site, and they have secured the area," she explained.

Major explosions have become commonplace in Malmö, with multiple blasts sometimes occurring in a single night, as Infowars Europe has regularly reported.

“It's unpleasant. It is a concern that does not see any improvement in this city,” Malmö resident Per Eskilson, 61, told Swedish media after a recent slew of bombings and shootings.

“It is like a war zone. Now we have had several shootings yesterday and two bombs last night. I've started to look at a new accommodation now. I will move away from this town, I will not stay.”

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