Letter Bomb Explosions Rocking Netherlands Mail Facilities - Police

Blasts have rocked mail facilities in two Dutch cities within half an hour of each other.

Police suspect letter bombs as a series of mysterious packages containing explosives were mailed to various companies in recent weeks.

The first explosion occurred at a postal services office inside Amsterdam’s Bolstroen business center shortly before 8am local time on Wednesday, police said.

Half an hour later, it was followed by a second blast at a mail-sorting facility in the town of Kerkrade in the southeastern Limburg Province.

Nobody was hurt in both incidents.

Amsterdam police said that the blast “presumably came from a letter bomb.”

The buildings were evacuated, and the bomb squads arrived at the scenes.

Various businesses in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Maastricht have been receiving mysterious packages rigged with explosives last month. The last one was discovered in Rotterdam on Friday.

None of the packages had previously detonated but police warned that they “could have caused serious bodily injury.”

The previous letters contained the logo of the national debt collection company, the Centraal Invorderings Bureau (CIB), which said that it had nothing to do with them.

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