Multiple Gang Rapes of Young Girls Reported In Sweden

Two young girls have reportedly been gang raped in separate incidents in Sweden.

Police in Gällivare, in the Lapland region of Sweden, are currently investigating a case involving "a young woman who has been raped by several men,” according to Aftonbladet.

“During the weekend a report of serious rape in the Gällivare area was submitted,” reads a report on the national police website. “An intensive investigation is currently underway and the case will not be commented on anymore. The case is headed by the Public Prosecutor's Office and when more information is available, the event note will be updated.”

There are currently no suspects, according to police spokesman Kristoffer Sahlin.

An underage girl was also the victim of a gang rape in Malmö, where three suspects have reportedly been arrested.

“There are three boys who have been arrested. They are under 18 and they are also plaintiffs,” prosecutor Kristina Amilon told Aftonbladet, adding that a number of interrogations have already taken place.

Reports also indicate that the attack was particularly “rough” and involved “heavy” violence.

Formerly virtually nonexistent in Sweden, gang rapes have risen steadily in recent decades, with the perpetrators often being men with migration backgrounds.

Roughly 85% of recent gang rapes or group sex assaults involved attackers with “foreign origins,” according to a 2017 report — figures that were later effectively corroborated by Swedish mainstream press, which is generally reluctant to discuss the connection between uncontrolled immigration and crime.

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