Muslim Plane Passenger Prays Near Cockpit, Attacks Flight Attendants

A flight was diverted to Nice, France, after a passenger attempted to hold Islamic prayer rituals in the aisle near the cockpit and subsequently attacked flight attendants who reported him to the pilots, according to reports.

Video of the incident was reportedly captured by a pilot filming a feed of a cabin camera aboard a Transavia flight on a route between France and Tunis.

In the video, a man can be seen praying on the ground near the cockpit of the airplane while flight attendants apparently attempt to phone in an alert.

The man eventually stands up and appears to punch an attendant in the head.

"In a video shared by ex-Muslim Waleed Al-husseini, the passenger can be seen performing the Namaz at the end of the aircraft while the flight stewards purportedly informed the pilot about this act," Sawarjya Mag reports.

The man later attacked French police officers who removed him from the plane in Nice, according to videos.

He can be heard yelling "Allahu akbar" in the footage.

"The scene took place at Nice airport," Tunis Tribune reports. "The flight was diverted... The passengers were accommodated in hotels in Nice and will re-embark tomorrow for Tunis."

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