'My Father Will Behead You' - French Teacher Threatened by Student

French police are investigating an incident in which a young pupil allegedly threatened a teacher with decapitation, according to reports.

An instructor at the Pierre Mendès France college in Saumur filed a complaint with authorities following menacing remarks made by an 11-year-old in his French language class, Actu17 reports.

The teacher said he noticed the student was distracted and asked him to pay attention.

"You don't talk to me like that. You'll see, my father will come and behead you," the boy reportedly replied.

The student and his parents were summoned to the local police station to address the matter, and an investigation has been opened.

The incident comes amid a surge of jihadist attacks and threats against French citizens, including multiple beheadings.

Samuel Paty, a teacher in Yvelines, was decapitated on Oct. 16th by Abdoullakh Anzorov, an 18-year-old jihadist of Chechen origin.

The gruesome murder came after Paty had shown his pupils cartoons of the Islamic prophet Mohammed, which infuriated students and parents at the school.

Brahim Chnina, a father of one of Paty's students, was arrested after reportedly issuing a fatwa against Paty and calling for retaliatory action.

A student at Paty's school later admitted to identifying the teacher to Anzorov in exchange for a pay-off.

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