Nationalist Leader: Sweden “Most Disturbed Country in Western World”

The leader of a nationalist Swedish party admitted his own country was disturbed and the problem was due to immigration and irresponsible politicians.

Gustav Kasselstrand, party leader of Alternative for Sweden (AFS), said in a radio interview that it will take decades to return his nation back to a safe and functioning country - that’s only if responsible politicians are in power.

"It's probably one of the most disturbed countries in the West. And it's not just about immigration,” said Kasselstrand. “It is about all the authorities we have today where most of them are taken over by left interests. So it is clear that it will take time. It has taken decades to make Sweden what it is today, thus in a negative way. So it will take decades to fix the problems."

Ending leftist policies like the asylum program and high taxes are essential first steps to turn the country around, says Kasselstrand.

"You can soon put an asylum stop in a short space of time," he said. "It is also possible to reduce the tax relatively quickly and close down the authorities."

Alternatively, other Swedish politicians have provided their own solution for the country’s asylum problem that may or may not reinforce Kasselstrand's "disturbed" commentary.

Sweden's Christian Democrats (KD) want to financially incentivize migrant families to self-deport.

"[They] need to be encouraged to leave,” said KD’s party leader.

Through the program, migrant families would be offered just under $20,000 to leave the country, with individuals being offered approximately $7,000.

The growing concern is a “shadow society” will be formed by the migrants who refuse to take the offer to leave.

Immigration is now Sweden's number one issue concerning voters for their upcoming September election.

The increased crime and violence seen since the surge of migrants has even swayed statistics collectors to begin studying the link between migrants and crime for the first time in over ten years.

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