Netherlands: 150 ‘Youths’ Riot, Throw Stones at Police

Up to 150 ‘young people’ wreaked havoc in the Netherlands, tossing bricks and shooting fireworks at police during a riot.

Between 100-150 ‘youths’ - identified by SCEPTR as ‘mostly immigrants’ - trashed the city center in Helmond.

Police say dangerous objects were thrown and fireworks detonated during the violent episode and at least one person was caught carrying a knife.

“In the Sjef van Schaijkstraat, a short street between the busy Heistraat and the cosy Zonnehof, there are plenty of traces,” ED reports. “The sidewalks are littered with crushed tomatoes, fallen eggs, empty cans of drinks and bags of crisps. Chunks of wood float in the gutter, in the middle of the Zonnehof lies a brick. The hood of a lamppost hangs at half past six.”

One young mother told local media the neighborhood has been deteriorating, but Tuesday’s unprecedented chaos has put her family past the breaking point.

“They shouted and there was a lot of honking. The little one couldn't sleep. I was alone at home. I called my mother a few times because I was very restless,” she said.

“Yesterday was the last straw for us. We've decided we're going to move."

Police say they arrested five suspects between the ages of 15 and 19, and that an investigation is ongoing.

The incident comes just days after the head of a Dutch police union expressed concerns the government is "losing their grip on society completely."

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