Netherlands: Man Dies Minutes After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine

A man died minutes after receiving the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID injection in the Netherlands on Monday, according to reports.

The 77-year-old man exited a vaccination site in Noordwijkerhout shortly after getting the jab and suffered an unexplained health crisis moments later.

“He collapsed outside. We resuscitated him before the emergency services arrived. We just heard that he died in hospital," Carin Boon, a spokesperson for the regional health service, told local media.

"We offer our deepest sympathies to his family. This is very intense for them and also, of course, for our employees."

Boon says the man was supervised for fifteen minutes after the shot was administered and then released.

The man was reportedly one of the first to receive the injection at the Leeuwenhorst NH Hotel and conference center, where vaccination services had launched less than an hour earlier.

"The new vaccination facility started receiving people from 8 a.m. on Monday. The vaccination center was set to be officially opened by Noordwijk Mayor Wendy Verkleij, but the ceremony was canceled," the NL Times reports.

Despite the tragic incident, further injections at the site were carried out as planned, with Boon asserting there was no clear link between the man's death and the jab.

"We have no indication that the vaccine is unsafe. In very rare cases side effects can occur," Boon said.

Health officials have reportedly opened an investigation.

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