Dutch Police Urge Government to Deport Criminal Illegals

Police in the Netherlands are calling on the government to increase deportations of illegal aliens who commit repeated crimes in the country, according to reports.

The Dutch Police Union (NPB) issued an appeal to politicians after an officer's tweet drawing attention to the issue went viral.

Officer Bas Wijnen revealed he had recently encountered a Moroccan man illegally present in the Netherlands who had nearly 600 recorded run-ins with police.

“Yesterday I picked up a colleague from the aliens office and we went to de Mare together with 2 police students,” Wijnen wrote. “There they picked up an undesirable stranger. This Moroccan man, an acquaintance of ours (579 registrations & 155 priors!), had just been released (2 years of detention(ISD)) and went to de Mare.”

"I continue to find it strange that we cannot put such a person on a plane to their country of origin."

The tweet attracted substantial attention from Dutch media, reportedly leading NPB to throw its support behind Wijnen.

Union Chairman Jan Struijs asserted police resources are often consumed by processing and dealing with repeat offenders who are illegal aliens.

"The reality is that these people, especially young men, are walking around, have no income and are committing crimes all the time,” Struijs told Hart van Nederland.

“You have to arrest such a person, you have to transfer him, he has to be locked up, the police report has to be drawn up, you have to write down what happened. You just lost six hours to someone like that. We would rather use that capacity to solve murders or do other serious business. It takes a lot of capacity.”

Dutch officials claim deportations are often complicated due to lack of cooperation from aliens' home countries, indicating political will to solve the problem may be limited, despite a surge in crime committed by migrants in recent years.

A report delivered to the Dutch House of Representatives in May revealed a sharp increase in criminal incidents involving foreign suspects in 2019.

Additionally, migrants often wreak havoc in large packs, as Infowars Europe has regularly documented.

Mobs of 'immigrant youths' rioted for days in the The Hague last month, destroying property and attacking Dutch police with explosives and projectiles.

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