New Swedish Party Calls For Mass Deportations, Asylum Freeze

A new political party in Sweden has taken a hardline stance on immigration and border security, calling for mass deportations and a freeze on asylum admissions.

Alternative for Sweden (AfS), led by Gustav Kasselstrand, officially launched just weeks ago, but has already attracted media attention after two members of Swedish parliament defected to the party from the Sweden Democrats.

In a manifesto detailing the party platform and positions, AfS calls the current Swedish immigration situation a “ticking bomb,” and Kasselstrand asserts that "at least hundreds of thousands" of migrants must be deported.

“AfS has no integration policy and will never have one either,” Kasselstrand recently tweeted. “If you belong to an immigrant group that needs integration policies to find their way in Sweden, you’re probably better off with a one-way ticket home. Bye!”

AfS also contends that residence permits issued to immigrants in the last 18 years should be reviewed, and calls for the abolition of the ‘Migration Board,’ to be replaced with a ‘Swedish Immigration Service,’ which would handle investigations, processing, and expulsions.

“All residence permits that have been distributed since the year 2000 are to be reviewed. People who lack citizenship will be expelled if the Swedish Immigration Service finds that they lied or bribed for a residence permit, lived on welfare for considerable part of their stay, did not learn Swedish, or have been a criminal,” AfS states.

AfS vows to tighten the screws on chain migration, also known as “family reunification” - an immigration loophole being exploited across the West.

Border control and related security matters are front and center concerns for Swedish voters, as violent crime, sexual assault and gang warfare have skyrocketed in the once-peaceful Nordic nation in recent years.

The Sweden Democrats, a more established populist party, are performing well in the latest polls, campaigning on an anti-migrant platform similar, albeit more centrist, to AfS.

The next general election in Sweden will take place on September 9, 2018.

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