More "Rescued" Migrants Delivered to Italian Island by NGO Ferry

A 'rescue' vessel operated by a non-governmental organization (NGO) has been cleared to deliver more than 400 migrants to the Italian island of Sicily, according to reports.

Sea-Eye 4, a German NGO ship, executed at least six 'rescue' operations off the coast of Africa in recent days, collecting hundreds of illegal aliens hoping to reach Europe.

Italian authorities have welcomed Sea Eye 4 to dock at Pozzallo, a port city on the southern shores of Sicily.

"The Sea-Eye 4 just got Pozzallo assigned as port. Our ship will be on its way immediately. Actually, this also means that the more than 400 rescued have to spend another 2 nights on board," Sea-Eye spokesman Gordon Insler wrote on Twitter.

Incredibly, the NGO has expressed outrage at having to travel roughly two days to reach Pozzallo.

"Finally the Sea-Eye 4 assigned a safe haven! But why Pozzallo? How did you get the idea to send a rescue ship with hundreds of exhausted people and 150 children on a two-day sea voyage, even though it was already in front of a safe harbor?" Sea-Eye posted on social media on Wednesday.

The latest migrant dump comes after hundreds of illegal aliens were brought to Sicily in early May.

Thousands more have arrived this month in Lampedusa, another Italian island in the Mediterranean.

Last year, German MP Petr Bystron brought Infowars Europe to visit a location in Berlin believed to serve as headquarters for NGOs involved in human smuggling operations on the Mediterranean Sea.

"It's a big business. They [German government] are distributing 50 billion euro a year – and this is just the number they are admitting, so we can guess it's maybe 100 billion euro a year – to these organizations," Bystron said.

Over 27,000 migrants landed on Sicily during 2020, according to figures provided by the UNHCR.

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