NGOs Dump Hundreds of 'Rescued' Migrants on Italian Islands in Days

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are in the process of moving hundreds of migrants to Italian islands, according to reports.

So far, at least 236 migrants were deposited by an NGO ship at the Sicilian port of Augusta, while another 455 aboard an NGO vessel are bound for Trapani, also on Sicily.

Additionally, more than 700 illegal migrants reached the island of Lampedusa over the weekend, many with the help of NGOs.

"236 people - half of whom are unaccompanied minors - rescued this week by the Ocean Viking from 2 rubber dinghies in distress in int'l waters off Libya, have disembarked in the port of Augusta, Sicily, today," SOS Mediterranee, which operates the Ocean Viking vessel, wrote on social media on Saturday.

Concurrently, another NGO-operated ship began demanding entry to a European port after fetching hundreds more migrants near Libya.

"On Monday, 454 migrants onboard another rescue ship, Sea-Watch 4, were still floating in the Mediterranean waiting to be offered a safe harbor," InfoMigrants reported on Monday.

"The vessel, operated by a German volunteer group, says it conducted six rescues within 48 hours. The last group of 51 migrants was picked up on Saturday night as they were trying to cross the Mediterranean in a wooden boat."

The ship was quickly given clearance by Italian officials to dock and unload in Trapani.

More than 700 migrants also arrived on Lampedusa on Saturday, thanks in part to the help of Sea Watch.

Last year, German MP Petr Bystron brought Infowars Europe to visit a location in Berlin believed to serve as headquarters for NGOs involved in human smuggling operations on the Mediterranean Sea.

"It's a big business. They [German government] are distributing 50 billion euro a year – and this is just the number they are admitting, so we can guess it's maybe 100 billion euro a year – to these organizations," Bystron said.

Over 27,000 migrants landed on Sicily during 2020, according to figures provided by the UNHCR.

The globalist attack on human liberties is sparking backlash across Europe.

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