NGOs Smuggling Large Numbers of Somalis Onto Greek Island

The vast majority of migrants arriving on the island of Levos are now coming from Somalia, according to the Greek government, which has determined non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are responsible for the surge.

Somalis comprise over 65 percent of all illegal migrants who have reached the besieged Mediterranean island since the beginning of November, Greece's Minister of Immigration and Asylum, Notis Mitarakis, revealed during a press conference on Tuesday.

“In recent weeks, arrivals of migrants from Somalia, a country that does not border Greece, have been observed in Lesvos. Of the 214 arrivals since November 1 in Lesvos, 142 are from Somalia,” Mitarakis said.

“According to testimonies and cross-referenced information, NGOs pay the costs of transporting and issuing visas to Turkey, with flights to Istanbul. They are then transported to the Turkish coast, where smugglers — again with the support of NGOs — help them enter the European Union illegally. These crossings must and will be blocked in every legal way. We do not want our country to be the gateway to Europe."

Mitarakis said asylum applications filed by migrants arriving from safe countries – such as Turkey – will be considered inadmissable.

Greek authorities have been battling NGOs they say are in involved in human smuggling, espionage, and tax evasion, among other crimes.

A total of 33 suspects tied to four NGOs were rounded up in late September amid an extensive probe conducted by Greek intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies, as Infowars Europe has reported extensively.

German MP Petr Bystron recently brought Infowars Europe to visit a location in Berlin believed to serve as headquarters for multiple NGOs implicated in the widening scandal.

The pathetic radical left is attacking us with shallow virtue signaling and shaming.

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