Nigel Farage Saves Migrants in English Channel

Brexit architect Nigel Farage says he saved two migrants from near-certain death after they got lost in a kayak in rough seas for nearly 18 hours over the weekend.

Farage, an avid fisherman, explained how he and a friend were in a boat approximately five miles off the coast of England when they came upon two men in distress in a small inflatable craft.

Farage says they called the coast guard and informed the migrants that help was on the way.

"It was getting pretty choppy at that time," Farage said. "The boat turned over; two men in the water – not a good position, not a happy situation. One of them had a life jacket on, the other did not."

The migrants were able to cling to their kayak as Farage and his companion unsuccessfully attempted to haul them aboard their own ship.

Eventually, the migrants managed to climb back onto the inflatable, which Farage moored to his own boat until authorities came.

When a Border Force vessel eventually arrived, officers reportedly instructed Farage to rescue the migrants himself and then transfer them to the patrol boat, which Farage declined, having already tried that approach and failed.

"There was a stand-off with Border Force and I was hugely unimpressed with their professionalism in that situation," Farage said.

An hour later, a smaller craft from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution came and collected the migrants.

"There is no question they would not have survived, even if they hadn't tipped out," Farage asserted.

Farage almost single-handedly raised considerable awareness about the flood of migrants and human smugglers pouring across the English Channel this year, recently exposing the Channel migration crisis as an operation which both the U.K. and French governments have actively facilitated.

Days ago, British and French officials announced plans to "tackle" the migration crisis under a new deal which will reportedly see the U.K. give France around 28 million pounds (~$37 million).

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