Farage Warns: Migrant Surge on English Channel "Even Worse Than We Thought"

Brexit architect Nigel Farage has warned that the truth about a record-setting surge of illegal migrants pouring across the English Channel is "even worse that we thought."

At least 550 illegal aliens have reportedly landed on British shores since the start of the coronavirus lockdown in the U.K. on March 23.

Those are only the 'official figures,' and despite the number of migrants crossing the Channel in April setting a new one-month record, the true total is likely even higher.

"I think what's happening, is boats are coming in here... under cover of darkness, and they're able to not just unload the crew, but get the boats off on trailers, as well," Farage said during a report from the beach at Pett Level, England.

"We do see some, when the Border Force take them in, but there are other people landing above and beyond the official figures, where the people are being smuggled away and the boats are being taken away, too."

"This scandal, I think, is far bigger than anyone realizes. The official figures, since we've been in lockdown, are that 550 people have come into the country. Not one of them, to my knowledge, has been returned," Farage asserted.

Speaking with two men in nearby Hastings, Farage was informed that "loads of immigrant boats" have been landing there, before the occupants run up nearby cliffs and deeper into England.

The men said there is "no point" in reporting the illegal arrivals to authorities, as little to nothing is ever done.

None of the illegal migrants captured by authorities are being tested for coronavirus, government officials have confirmed to the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, U.K. citizens remain in a strict lockdown with no end in sight.

“Indeed, when you think about just how relaxed the UK government has been with regard to people arriving on our shores since this situation unfolded, isn’t the very term ‘lockdown’ a misnomer?” Farage wrote in a recent op-ed.

“It’s more like a lock-up, in that those already resident in this country have been subjected to severe restrictions while others have been free to turn up from all corners of the world without any inquiries into their health or their plans while here.”

The number of migrants crossing the English Channel spiked by more than 600 percent in 2019, and the crisis has continued into 2020, as Infowars Europe regularly documents.

Federal agencies confirm Chinese and CDC test kits were contaminated.

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