No-Go Zones Forming in Spain's Canary Islands Amid Flood of Migrants, Police Warn

Thousands of migrants are swamping Spain's Canary Islands, prompting authorities to warn 'ghettos' where police cannot enter are already forming, according to reports.

During the first 15 days of January, over 1,000 migrants landed illegally in the Canaries, an archipelago lying off the coast of Morocco.

More than 23,000 migrants arrived in the Spanish territory last year – an eight-fold increase from 2019 – including over 8,000 during the month of November alone.

With asylum facilities totally overwhelmed, illegal aliens have been placed en masse in local hotels.

Authorities are now raising alarms over 'no-go zones' manifesting where migrants are concentrated.

"There is a shortage of troops. The police staff have not increased, but what has increased is the population," police union spokesman Serafín Giraldo told OK Diario.

Giraldo asserts regions are forming "where the police cannot even enter, where the work is complicated, and where groups of illegal immigrants become strong and believe that these areas are their privilege."

"Fights, robberies, intimidation... they begin to be the usual trend in different areas of Gran Canaria," warns Rubén Pulido, head spokesman for top Spanish nationalist-populist party VOX.

Pulido regularly highlights the influx of illegals swamping mainland Spain and its territories.

More than 250 illegal migrants arrived on Spanish shores in at least 20 boats during a 24-hour span earlier this week, according to Pulido.

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