“No Strong Poland Without Strong Families” - Polish Prime Minister

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is encouraging his fellow citizens to have secure, large families, vowing to pursue policies that foster a pro-family culture.

While addressing the Polish Large Families Convention, PM Morawiecki praised mothers and their role in building a thriving nation - an attitude that contrasts starkly with those of other European leaders who are actively replacing native populations with radically incompatible foreign groups.

“There is no strong Poland without strong families,” he said. “Thanks to you, your actions and the efforts of your mothers, we will have a strong, beautiful and proud Poland. Thank you very much for all that.”

“It is a great joy for me to be with you, because I deeply believe… that large families bear the burden of the next 100 years of our independence,” Morawiecki asserted, a reference to 2018 marking 100 years of Polish sovereignty. “Large families are first and foremost a way to a greater Poland, to achieve the Poland of our dreams.”

PM Morawiecki highlighted economic strategies being implemented to ease the financial burdens facing growing families, including increasing social incentives and cracking down on tax evasion to expand funding for child benefits programs.

“The characteristic feature of our actions in social and economic policy, which we want to maintain to the very end [of his term of office] and we want to be praised for, is credibility,” he explained. “Therefore, our ideas are translated into concrete actions and budget funds for large families.”

“In all these dimensions, we are trying to change the lives of Poles and we are doing it. Credibility must be the trademark of our political team, our government, and indeed it is such a trademark.”

At a time when birth rates in many European countries are plummeting far below sustainable levels, some conservative governments are seeking more traditional solutions to pressing issues than their globalist counterparts.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán recently announced demographics and birth rates are top priorities for his new administration, presenting a vision for Magyars similar to Morawiecki’s for Poles.

He said his concerns are focused chiefly upon "how many children are born to Hungarian women; how many children we raise together; whether there will be a Hungarian future; whether the Hungarian nation will survive biologically and numerically; what we must do to stop the decline we clearly see in this area; and what we must do to change the fact that we have more funerals than christenings."

In comparison, Norway just reported its lowest birth rate in 33 years - while still experiencing population growth due to immigration.

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