Norway Party Leader Banned From Facebook For Slamming Migration, Supporting Tommy Robinson

Ellen Due Brynjulfsen, the leader of the Independence Party, said her party's opinions are either ignored or labelled as “hateful” by the mainstream media, which makes it heavily reliant on social media.

Norwegian Independence Party leader Ellen Due Brynjulfsen has been banned from Facebook for the third time in two weeks, the news outlet Resett reported.

Previously, Brynjulfsen was banned for three and seven days respectively, both times over posts containing support for anti-immigration activist Tommy Robinson, who is jailed in the UK.

Now she has been been banned for 30 days over a post containing harsh criticism of mass immigration, state-sponsored diversity and forced multiculturalism.

“Norway is changing, but not for the better. The 'diversity' pushed by politicians has degraded the Norwegian people. If you are white you will not be taken seriously, but if you are an immigrant you will be exalted. Our culture is spat on, and our thoughts are ridiculed. Our opinions are called hate and our words are criminalised. Our constitutional right to speech is denied by the politicians,” Ellen Due Brynjulfsen wrote, as quoted by Resett.

Tweet: "The Independence Party Party leader, Ellen Due Brynjulfsen, has been banned for the third time in two weeks. The post was consistent with Facebook's own guidelines."

She ventured that the authorities discriminate against ethnic Norwegians in order to accommodate the “new arrivals," among other things, by providing them with interest-free mortgages.

“We are inundated with 'refugees' who keep vacationing in the very countries they 'fled' from. We who belong in this country, are spat on and told that 'this is our country now' by the newcomers”, Brynjulfsen wrote.

She went on to slam “Sharia law” being enforced in both rural and urban areas. According to her, this morality police leads to girls and women being called whores, abused and raped.

Brynjulfsen held the authorities and the media culpable for the current situation and social climate, where freedom of speech is under attack.

“The opinion police are pursuing and punishing us. Europe is on fire while the people are asleep and being suffocated by the smoke. They are blind and do not see what is happening. The media lulls them to sleep, while the the Muslim brothers' plan run smoothly," Brynjulfsen wrote. “Lie after lie we are fed by the old media,” she wrote, slamming climate alarmism as “hysteria” and a “yoke on people's shoulders.”

By her own admission, Brynjulfsen went through Facebook's guidelines and cannot see where she “crossed the border.”

According to her, measures such as bans will have a grave effect on the party's campaigns, because Facebook is where the party originated.

“After all, we have been an internet party. That's where we meet people, that's where people sign up”, Brynjulfsen told Resett, drawing parallels with the right-wing Progress Party a decade ago, which has since risen to prominence to become the ruling Conservatives' foremost sidekick.

She suspects that no matter what she and her fellow party members write, it will be labelled “hateful." By her own admission, she is struggling to get her opinion across through mainstream media, which is why social media are of paramount importance for her party.

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Brynjulfsen said she has sent numerous opinion pieces to Norway's leading newspapers, but never saw them in print.

On Facebook, the Independence Party stressed that it is “completely dependent” on social media and alternative news media to get its message through.

“They do not welcome the debate, because they will lose it. Exclusion is hamstringing those who challenge the powers that be,” the party wrote.

Tommy Robinson is the founder and former leader of the English Defence League. He is currently serving time in a London prison for filming defendants in a grooming gang trial in violation of a reporting ban.

Robinson has repeatedly criticised the British establishment and even asked US President Donald Trump for asylum, saying that his country has “fallen.”

The Norwegian Independence Party labels itself as non-bloc conservative centre party that aims to promote and preserve Norwegian interests, culture and identity, and operates under the motto “Trust and tradition.”

It advocates a restrictive stance in matters of immigration and foreign policy and promotes “repatriation instead of immigration." It has yet to make its debut in the Norwegian parliament.

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