Norway: Woman Brutally Kicked to Ground at Train Station After Being Called 'Racist'

Footage of a young woman being viciously kicked in the back by an assailant at a train station in Norway has gone viral in Scandinavia, according to reports.

Shocking video shows the victim standing while looking at her phone near a train platform in Sørumsand, a small town in the municipality of Lillestrøm that has reportedly been plagued by a recent surge of 'youth violence.'

A male suspect can be seen running up and delivering a flying kick to her back, slamming the woman violently to the pavement as she screams in pain.

"The incident was filmed by a gang that confronted the woman who is alleged to be a 'racist,'" Samnytt reports.

"In conjunction with the incident, another youth sneaks up behind the woman and then comes flying with a kick in the back."

Local police have reportedly blamed the attack on 'poor parenting.'

"Here is a young perpetrator with a behavior that indicates a very small degree of developed empathy and ability to think consequences of their actions. This is a very ugly incident of violence," said police spokesman Trond Øren.

"It should be a serious wake-up call for some parents who to a much greater extent have to get involved in what their children do in their free time and what environment they are used to."

Øren has also acknowledged 'growing insecurity' due to similar attacks in the community.

"The police have received a number of reports of youth gatherings in Sørumsand," he said. "The reports are that they are disturbing, damaging and spreading fear among the local population. The police are taking this seriously and have taken measures to restore peace and order."

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