Norwegian Writer Slams 'Dishonest' Media For Hiding Truth About Mass Migration

A prominent Norwegian author and media personality has blasted the mainstream press and government officials for hiding harsh realities about mass migration and Islamization from the general public.

Ulf-Arvid Mejlænder, a former journalist himself, penned a scathing op-ed titled, "Say It as It Is," which was surprisingly published by NRK, Norway's government-owned media organization.

Mejlænder called out tactics employed by much of the Western press, asserting that key details about crimes are manipulated or left out completely when the perpetrators are migrants or have foreign backgrounds.

"We rarely get to know who commits gang rape, uses a knife or beats up casual victims in the new Norway," Mejlænder wrote. "I get embarrassed when the media's clouding of criminal ethnicity is so predictable that 'the Norwegian' and 'Norwegian citizen' become the code words for foreign origin."

Mejlænder cited multiple recent examples of misleading coverage of stories involving migrant crime, concluding, "There is no pressure on politicians who repeat their 'sleep in peace' message, citing better integration as the solution to everything."

"The gap between the risk of our multicultural experiment and the storytelling of the mainstream media must not grow larger."

He also pointed out that major cultural and economic shifts are taking place due to Islamic migration, with very little accurate coverage by the press.

"Immigration costs are increasing, cultural conflicts are building up and Islam is gaining more and more space," Mejlænder wrote. "The danger signals of our greatest social change process are clearly visible today, but traditional media show limited interest in exploring them. It weakens the press's relevance and credibility."

" has to go mainly to alternative media to gain knowledge about studies that show that anti-Western attitudes and intolerant interpretations of the Qur'an are relatively widespread among Muslims in Western countries."

You can read Mejlænder's full piece with English translation here.

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